Story of Bird’s Nest

Bird’s nest is one of the most coveted delicacies in all of Asia. It is commonly referred to as the “Caviar of the East”. Its gelatinous texture is derived from the entirely saliva based, swift bird’s nest from which it is made.

The bird’s nest history can be traced back to China’s Tang Dynasty nearly 1,500 years ago. During Chinese navigator ZhengHe’s trip down south, his fleet was forced to anchor at a desert island due to thunderstorm. There was shortage of food. ZhengHe discovered the nests on cliffs by chance and ordered his men to harvest it. They cleansed and stewed the bird’s nest as food.

Incredibly, his men all felt energetic and looks healthily well in another few days. ZhengHe collected more bird’s nest and presented it to the emperor upon returning. In that era, bird’s nest is a tremendously precious item that can only be possessed by the royalty and nobility family.

Nutritional Benefits of Bird’s Nest

  1. Bird’s nest helps to boost our immune system. It is rich in protein and essential amino acids that promotes skin nourishment & maintains skin radiance.

  2. Its water-soluble protein is extremely useful in providing nutritional supplement for human tissues recovery, growing children, and recuperation from surgery.

  3. Bird’s nest nourishes yin energy and clears heat in our lungs, and thus dissipate phlegm, relieves coughing and improves our respiratory system.

  4. Contemporary medical research revealed that apart from immune system boosting, bird’s nest helps in slowing down aging effects and is ideal for cell regeneration.