Our Vision, Mission And Values


All Malaysian deserve to enjoy the benefits of bird’s nest.


We strive to promote and deliver the benefits of bird’s nest with our customer, colleagues and business partner.

Guiding Principle

We ensure to produce high value bird’s nest cuisine in top quality, value for money and process according to the food safety requirement.

We ensure the healthy habit of eating bird’s nest for everyone.

We are welcoming Swiftlet farmers and interested parties to join us in this new business.     

We are sharing the knowledge of bird’s nest to the public to welcome more people to enjoy the benefits of bird’s nest.


  • Sincerity

We care about our customer, our colleagues and business partner from bottom of heart.

  • Valuable

We bring the high quality of healthy and nutritious foods and beverages to our customer, including the raw material as well as the preparation standards.

  • Innovative

We always open for new ideas and collaborating with various parties in continuing the development of new products .