About Us

D’nest Dessert House was set up to carry on the business of preparation of healthy bird’s nest desserts, cocktails, foods and beverages for both dining in and online stores. The idea to set up the company was developed by 5 dynamic and enterprising individuals who foresee the huge potential of the bird’s nest industry and its future opportunities.

We wish to serve finest and high-quality bird’s nest at affordable prices to our customers. We believe that people from all walks of life can and should enjoy the benefits of bird’s nest, which are currently being enjoyed only by people of higher class and status.

Our kitchen is helmed by experienced chef who has more than 20 years of experiences in traditional and modern Asian cuisine and is capable of melding a wide range and variety of healthy fruits, berries, creepers to become premium and nutritious bird’s nest specialties and delicacies. All our desserts and cocktails are freshly stewed to ensure they are safe to consume.

At D’nest, we strive to provide the finest and premium quality of healthy and tasty desserts. Starting from fresh ingredients selection to finest quality bird’s nest picking, menu preparation, fruits crafting, drinks and desserts concoction. We endeavor every effort to ensure our customers can dine with great confidence and to their fullest satisfaction.


Good food should never slow you down, so leave the cooking to us. Visit D’nest Dessert House for fast and healthy meals for your loved ones. We know you don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen when you could be spending your precious time with loved ones – that’s why we take care of our customers by making nutritious, delicious meals with only the finest ingredients.


We are all family, and we will keep working to achieve our main goal. Team work can result in phenomenal success stories like ours. So, never stop fighting for what we believe in because our success is what matters the most.


D’nest is dedicated to creating opportunities for all of our community members, so that by tapping into our unique perspectives, experiences, and creativity we remain passionate about ourselves and the people within.


We are working towards obtaining “HALAL” certifications from JAKIM, ISO 9001 and etc.